Kisik Sandbank

Directly in front of our complex there is a long sandbank which can be reached by a small boat in approx. 10 minutes from the beach. 

The reef is mainly well covered, so that besides a huge number of tropical fish, slugs and cuttlefish you can also see stingrays and sometimes even turtles.


Menjangan Island

Located on the north west coast of Bali, Labuhan Lalang is the place to get a boat to Pulau Menjangan (Deer Island), an unspoilt and uninhabited island reputed to be one of the best diving and snorkelling areas in Bali with a vast array of tropical fish and coral. Here the skilled eye finds rarities like swing fish, Pigmy seahorses and ghost pipefish as well as rarer kinds of slugs.

Likewise for snorkelers it is pure joy to join the underwater world. Many reefs begin in the shallow waters and the extraordinary play of light and colour is an impressive experience over and over again.

Pemuteran housereef and coral garden

The house reef in Pemuteran 'centre' can be explored directly from the beach. To the left as well as to the right of the small bay are coral projects to dive for. In the course of the reef renewal some years ago steel constructions in different forms have been anchored under water, now homes for different corals, fishes and other sea inhabitants. In the adjacent coral garden Pegasus fish as well as mandarin fish can be found occasionally.

Excursions and daytrips

Bali Barat Nationalpark

Tired of relaxing, snorkelling, diving. You're a nature freak? Take a day trip to Bali Barat National Park. For detailed information, click here


Pulaki Temple

Pura Pulaki, a richly decorated temple, is surrounded by trees and mountains in the background, inhabited by several Macaque monkey families. This temple commemorates the arrival of the holy priest Danghyang Nirartha (1460 - 1550 AD) on Bali in the 16th century. Pulaki is one of the most significant temples on Bali, dedicated to the prosperity of the island and their inhabitants. As a centre of Balinese religion and ceremonies it was completely renovated in 1984. Pulaki temple as well as Pabean temple are located directly by the sea, not possible to miss on the road near the coast to northwest.

Pabean Temple

This temple, diagonally across from the Pura Pulaki, serves to make sure of good trips. The temple is above road level, so that the heavily traficced main street is not perceived. At the same time it offers a fantastic view to the sea and to Java`s volcanos - if the weather condition is fair.

Melanting Temple

After a few hundred metres to the east of Pura Pulaki you follow the sign inland. Businessmen praying for luck and prosperity visit this temple, women who ask the goddess Melanting for fertility which she embodies. The wonderful arrangement emits tranquility and has its own atmosphere; the generous architectural structure is a relief for the eye.