Secret Bay



The Secret Bay is still one of the top favorite dive sites among underwater photographers. Its exquisite location in a lagoon, which is supplied with fresh water only at the entrance to the flood, has ensured that a completely separate macro world has settled there.

Secret Bay is one of the only dive sites where you have a great chance to find various frogfishes. Even seahorses enter the Secret bay in a rendezvous. Sea Mouth and also the very rare Picture Dragonet can be found there with some patience.

The Secret Bay is a so-called "MUCK dive site". The maximal
Dive depth is about 8m and it has almost no corals.
Also the water temperature is different in the Secret Bay than in the remaining northwest of Bali. In August there can be 22C water temperature without problems. In principle, it is always a lot colder at Secret Bay than at the other places.
So wrap up enough neoprene so you can watch the amazing little creatures in
no hurry and take pictures.